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      Daisy Trudell-Mills (Santee Dakota, Mexican/Euro-American, Jewish) is a queer multidisciplinary artist working in textiles, found materials, and illustrations on fabric and paper.  Daisy expresses personal storytelling and examines memory and dreams held and carried on in ancestry and the land. 

       Daisy's work has been exhibited in New Mexico, Seattle and Chicago. They have been honored with the Lorraine Shula Scholarship in 2017, the National Museum of Women in the Arts Scholarship in 2019 and the SURFACE: Emerging Artist of New Mexico Award in 2021. Recently, they were a recipient of the Kindle Project: Makers Muse Grant 2022-23. 

     They are currently pursuing their Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art with a concentration in Interdisciplinary practice at the Institute of American Indian Art. They earned their Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from New Mexico Highlands University in 2019. 

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